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Multiple Platform Development -
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At NetSmartz, our experienced app developers stay on top of the development game to bring you the best and latest in technology that delivers out-of-this-world functionality, without compromising on the cost-effectiveness.

We have found that PhoneGap and Titanium platforms are powerful enough to quickly deploy apps on multiple devices, yet easy enough to make native application development to do it without increasing the costs ten-fold.

The Power to Quickly Develop Applications for Multiple Platforms
Our web developers utilize their knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to start developing applications for all mobile platforms using PhoneGap and Titanium. These platforms also offer a plug-in interface to allow for the creation of a hybrid application, in case native development is needed. We aim to always deliver effectively built apps that are cost effective and also offer amazing functionality.

Unleash Your Imagination!
Both the PhoneGap and Titanium platforms offer unmatched ease for rapid multi-platform app development. And no matter what type of application you want to create, these platforms give you the means to bring your thoughts and ideas to life. If you want to create simplistic apps that do not need extensive use of graphs, drawings or pictures you’ll be better off with Titanium but if your app contains these media then we suggest using Phonegap.

But no matter what your choice, both PhoneGap and Titanium offer fast multi-platform application development.

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We Perform Thorough Platform Research To Ensure The Best App Development Solutions!
When you require unbridled cross-platform or multi-platform support for your applications, NetSmartz is on your team! Our design specialists have researched the Titanium and PhoneGap platforms thoroughly. We understand just which applications are to be developed and find out the strengths and weaknesses of each. Afterwards, we figure out the best approach for the multiple platform application development, depending on the required functionality.
Our clients are kept well-informed throughout the process, so you’ll know the exact stage for the development process for your app!

The Netsmartz PhoneGap and Titanium Services Include:

The solid understanding and extensive experienceof our expert programmer and app developers to give you exactly what you want in your custom mobile app.
Timely delivery of large-scale and complex mobile solutions by our design and development experts.
Quality Assurance testing for all PhoneGap and Titanium applications using actual mobile devices.
Refined mobile app solutions equipped with a range of normal and customized attributes.

Netsmartz LLC is a CMMi3 & ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certified Software Development Company!

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Benefits of PhoneGap Apps Include:
Deployment on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile
Better costs due to not having to build up on each mobile platform separately
Bigger audience reach using cross-platform app development
All the advantages of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for code writing
Easy to use, supported features such as camera, notifications (alert, sound vibration), compass, contacts, accelerometer, file, geo-location media, network and storage.
Benefits of Titanium Apps Include:
Rapid prototyping facilitated by the flexible nature of Titanium.
Web-oriented app development as the app is developed using web technologies. This simplifies the development process, and brings about overhead savings.
The use of prototype-based scripting languages such as JavaScript that offers a combination of flexibility and solid structure. This offers a very high level of code reusability for your consecutive apps.
Support from a growing community of more than 200,000 developers who have used Titanium for cross-platform development tool to build thousands of apps.
We Have Extensive Experience of Developing Apps for Our Clients

Our expert developers specialize in:

Weather reporting multi-platform App Development.
Sports and Fitness multi-platform App Development.
Social Networking multi-platform App Development.
Education multi-platform App Development.
Financial sector multi-platform App Development.

The platforms are actually an open source framework used to produce hybrid mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript that will work flawlessly with mobile operating platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. They give us the ability to make hybrid-type apps that are fundamentally web apps built into a native app.

Unique Functionalities, Customization Capabilities, and Exceptional Good Looks: Guaranteed For Your App!

These platforms are excellent for creating custom UI. PhoneGap provides customized UI components as well as the ability to utilize anything developed in JavaScript. App development in Titanium requires you to develop custom modules allowing better functionality. When you want an app that feels and looks completely natural, these are your best options!

PhoneGap and Titanium both offer different functionalities for native coding. But both PhoneGap and Titanium are kind of similar according to their use.

Why You Need Our Multiple Platform App Development Solutions

To enjoy the entry of your app creation efforts into multiple markets!

We offer applications created for multiple platforms, so you are able to achieve better sales and market exposure by allowing your products to be seen and used by multiple market segments that may not be accessible with a single platform application.

Multi-platform app development services can also bring about cost-savings because of the reduced per-unit development costs. By developing a software application on multiple new platforms, you will be able to spread the software development costs over a larger volume of units, thus bringing about cost efficiency.

So, Are You Ready To Rock The Web?

Whatever your purpose is for your brand new app, we’ve got you covered. Our applications are built on boasting a very small footprint but created to deliver outstanding performance. If you have the need for an app, NetSmartz has a solution.

Want Multiple Platform Application Development Assistance?

If you would like to know more about our Multiple Platforms app development services, or want to hire the developers for the same, give us a call today at 1-888-661-89671-888-661-8967 ! You can also drop an email at

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